Tena Bostinelos Wensman

Profile Updated: July 21, 2009
Residing In: Ham Lake, MN USA
Occupation: District Sales Manager-Advertising
Children: I have two children. Zane just turned 18 (Born June 1991) and my stepson, Zachariah (Zack) who is 23 More…(born September 1985)
Yes! Attending Reunion
Jr. high school attended:

Hoover Junior High


I moved to Minneapolis in June of 1980 with nothing but a couple pair of jeans to my name. I started working at Honeywell and eventually moved into Telecommuncations where I remained for almost 20 years. I was married in 1989 to Adam and we divorced in 2001...but we have remained great friends and have recently been spending a lot more time together. We raised both our boys together through it all. I got into Advertising Sales in 2002 or so and have remained in this industy ever since. I live in northern suburb of Minneapolis, called Ham Lake. I have 3 black labs which are as much as part of our family as anyone.

In 1999, I was fortunate enough to take a spectacular trip to Thailand with my older sister Cindy (also from North High) which I will never forget. I have also traveled to Dominican Replublic and recently this year to Costa Rica. I have been jogging for over 10 years (not a marathon runner by any means) as I still have two vises--smoking cigerettes (Virginia Slim lights, Jamie Vanderham!) and I LOVE coffee..most coffee shops around here know me by name. Never took up drinking and I blame that on my dear friend Kim Wilhoit--as I still remember getting sick for 3 solid days from drinking straight tequilla at one of her wonderful parties--weren't they all at her house????

I have two nephews-Ethan and Owen from my brother Dimitri and his wife-who still reside in Sioux City along with dad (John) and stepmother (Martii). My other brother Chris and his wife (from my mom and Jim) live in Des Moines. Mom and Jim and my youngest sister Penny and her family, live in Kansas City...Penny has a gorgeous daughter, my niece Kalliope and a cutie pie, my nephew David. Cindy (my older sister) is getting married for the first time this September and Penny and I will be the world's oldest bridesmaids...so looking forward to that. Cindy and her hubby to be live in Phoenix, AZ--where I wouldn't mind migrating to at some point in my life.

School Story:

I remember getting caught smoking pot by Mrs. Mounts while in my cheerleading uniform before a game--SHAME ON ME!--she was soooo mad-if I remember right, I was with another cheerleader (you know who you are)

And most of all, I remember standing at the front door of North High School writing passes for everyone because I could write LaCrosse's name to match her signature. I have no idea where or how I got the hallroom pads to write the passes--but I always had my supply.

I am so sorry I didn't make the renunion but will thoroughly enjoy looking at the pictures and trying to match all the names to the faces!

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