Gregory Giles

Profile Updated: December 3, 2016
Residing In: Sioux City, IA USA
Spouse/Partner: married to Rande M. Levine since 4/8/12
Occupation: self-employed/private investor
Children: only of the four-legged variety: 5 dogs, 3 cats
Will we recognize you at our reunion?

doubtful--75lbs heavier & 7" taller in 30yrs

Grade school attended:

M. G. Clark School

Jr. high school attended:

Herbert Hoover Jr. H.S.


wow. what a long, strange, trip it's been. Thirty yrs gone by, in a seeming instant. of course, i don't have the advantage so many other NHS'ers have, i.e., the indicia of the aging process: i'm not married, & i've got no kids, so time just sorta slipped away, w/ nothing much to show for it. geeze, i can't believe how many classmates are grandparents! well, i guess there's still hope for me to have at least one kid, eventually...

my career's the same as at our 10th & 20th reunions, namely, i'm a freelance actor. the only difference from our '99 get-together to this point is that i moved to los angeles in '01 (i still own my house back in mpls, which i rent out). unfortunately, the cost of living is WAY higher in SoCalif then in the Twin Cities, so after all those yrs on the "frozen tundra," making a living exclusively from acting, once i moved out here i actually had to get a dreaded "day job!" To wit, i became a substitute schoolteacher, k-5, & did that for about five yrs, 'til this Spring, when i (& about 10k other teachers, staffers & administrators) got laid off from the LA Unified Sch.Dist. Ugh. plus, i hadn't worked enough to qualify for unemployment, so i'm barely cobbling out an existence. here's a sign of upward mobility (NOT): taking a roommate, at age 47! what? and give up show biz?

so, i continue the struggle: constantly auditioning, w/ the occasional workshop or class thrown in. i perform approx. 2-3 plays/yr (down from the 6-7/yr i did in the Twin Cities), & scrabble out a career, of sorts. in the eight yrs i've lived here, i've worked about that same # of feature films, about a half-dozen TV episodes, & dozens of short films (& the aforementioned plays). it can be rewarding, artistically, but very rarely is it remunerative, save for the occasional national commercial booking.

well, i dunno if i'll be making it to the reunion or not, but if i can't attend, i wish you all the very best of health & happiness, 'til next we meet... in 2019?

School Story:

hmm... can't really think of anything, off the top of my head. of course, i missed out on our last yr @ NHS, since i was in D.C., being a USSenate Page for Dick Clark (the one-term Iowa Senator, not the "American Bandstand" guy).

but, what little i do remember from HS was largely of the nerdly/dorkly/geekly variety: i was on the school news periodical ("The Paper." Now THERE'S creativity at work), & acted in a couple of plays ("Spoon River Anthology" & "Hello, Dolly!"). odd, since i was destined to become a professional actor, that i didn't have the freakin' lead in every play whilst @ NHS!! oh, well, that's show biz.

after HS, i attended Brown Univ., in Providence, R.I., where i graduated w/ a double-major in American Civilization & Anthropology. after Brown, i went to law school, @ USD; it was in Vermillion that i realized how much i missed performing, so i ended up getting both my J.D. & my master's degree (theatre). though i passed the Iowa & SoDak bar exams, & briefly practiced law in SUX, i moved to the Twin Cities in the Fall of '89, & stayed there for 12yrs, before moving to LA in '01. i think i'm done w/ schooling, at age 47, but you never know...

oh, wait, i do have at least one school memory that doesn't involve my being on the receiving end of any humiliation and/or ass-kicking: one morning, cruising into the NHS parking lot in my '74 lavender AMC Gremlin (i shit you not), w/ my 8-track tape player cranking out Cream, blasting "Badge" on the 4-inch speakers, i was approached by our school's self-appointed arbiters of musical taste, josh west & charlie hoberg (& maybe kirk horsted?), w/ the following comment: "umm. so. you like to listen to the really old stuff, i guess, huh?" Of course, my "l'esprit d'escalier" rejoinder should've been: "umm. yeah. 'cause CLAPTON IS GOD, in case you didn't know!" But i didn't say anything, per usual. i just escaped to class, undoubtedly late. ah, yes, those good, good times of HS!

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